Thursday, April 5, 2012


With life being increasingly filled with sports, practices, homeschooling lessons, church callings, teaching moments, vacations (hopefully!), date nights, scouts, triathlon training and family visits - I really wanted to get my year "organized and scheduled".  That was posing a problem since I didn't know what evenings would be busy with photo sessions. So.... I thought and thought about how I could entice potential clients to book early (NOW! :) so that I could have my entire 2012 calendar laid out. I asked myself what would entice me if I was looking to book and immediately said "A large mounted portrait from the session!" so that's exactly what I'm doing!
Anyone who inquires and books on or before APRIL 15th will receive a complimentary 16x20 mounted portrait from the session image of their choice. This isn't some measly 5x7 print we're talking about here - rather a fairly LARGE and nicely mounted (on 2mm styrene)16x20 portrait for displaying in your home! That is a $119 value! And the best part is that you have the rest of 2012 to schedule your session in!

So here is the "fine print":
 * Session must be booked on or before April 15, 2012
 * Session can be scheduled to take place in any month during 2012 (so if you're thinking of portraits this fall, schedule it now to ensure a free 16x20 portrait!)
 * The $100 Session fee is due at the time of booking

and that's about it!  Since I'm a very visual person, I felt the need to create a visual image portraying this awesome deal!  So look below to see it with some visual pleasantries! :)

One final note:
I am still only able to accommodate 3 sessions each month and I anticipate them going fast (at least I pray they do! LOL.. ya know... so I can keep on track with my whole "be organized and plan ahead" goal for this year!) so I'll be booking on a first come first served basis. Some months already have sessions scheduled - for instance, both April and May only 1 spot left - so if you've been thinking about a session with me... what are you waiting for!?  Just drop me a line at, use the "Contact Me" section on my website or just give me a jingle at 697-3478.  Can't wait to hear from you!

For pricing information or booking questions you can email me at: or call 697-3478

Monday, April 2, 2012

FAVES from 2011

Dear Facebook,
I have to place the blame of my neglected photography blog upon your shoulders. It's true... with your convenience of showing a peek or two of my latest session to clients, I have failed to show any love to blog for an entire year! An.Entire.Year!
While it is true that I have been able to showcase some work on FB (and in turn failed to post any photos here on my blog) it's just not the same. Over here, I get to add a little bit more of my voice - and that makes me happy :)
As I was organizing folders of 2011 clients on my HD, I got the itch to pull my favorite 1-2 images from each session and show some good ol' fashion blog love for all of my wonderful clients! 2011 was full of a lot of changes for me (in my personal life) which in turn affected how I ran my business (moreso in the amount of business I felt I could responsibly handle) but Heavenly Father's plan for me (and my family and business) all worked out beautifully!  And at the end of 2011, I felt like I had done my best in all of the areas that my time was divided between :) 
So without any further delay, here are my FAVES from the past year!  Enjoy!!