Monday, April 2, 2012

FAVES from 2011

Dear Facebook,
I have to place the blame of my neglected photography blog upon your shoulders. It's true... with your convenience of showing a peek or two of my latest session to clients, I have failed to show any love to blog for an entire year! An.Entire.Year!
While it is true that I have been able to showcase some work on FB (and in turn failed to post any photos here on my blog) it's just not the same. Over here, I get to add a little bit more of my voice - and that makes me happy :)
As I was organizing folders of 2011 clients on my HD, I got the itch to pull my favorite 1-2 images from each session and show some good ol' fashion blog love for all of my wonderful clients! 2011 was full of a lot of changes for me (in my personal life) which in turn affected how I ran my business (moreso in the amount of business I felt I could responsibly handle) but Heavenly Father's plan for me (and my family and business) all worked out beautifully!  And at the end of 2011, I felt like I had done my best in all of the areas that my time was divided between :) 
So without any further delay, here are my FAVES from the past year!  Enjoy!!