Friday, April 1, 2011

My Own little Boy - Nathan

Spring Break. It started off cold and wet  here in Idaho!  I'm sure everyone was just as excited as I was when the sun came out yesterday and stayed for 48 hours!  We stayed pretty close to home this week but we did want to have a "family fun day" sometime while all of the kids were home. We figured Friday would be the best and a planned to have a picnic lunch down at one of the parks and then hit the Discovery Center. Every other family in Boise must have had the same idea because the park was PACKED!  But it felt so glorious to be out in the fresh air and enjoying fresh strawberries (among other goodies!).  The older boys and John played catch with the Football while the girls and Nathan played on the playground equipment... it was perfect!  After we got back, my little Nathan (who's 4 and so much fun!) wanted me to take him "to the park at my school" so after dinner he and I headed back outside.  I have made a goal for myself to take more pictures of my own children and document their "everyday life" and so I grabbed my camera and off we went!  We had a lot of fun and he seemed so excited to show off for me and prove how he was such a "big boy!"  His latest thing is to fold his arms and say "I'm a baaaad boy!" yet he is so sweet and cute when he does it! LOL...
We played until the sun went down and walked back to our vehicle under a beautiful sunset!

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