Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gomez Family {downtown}

alrighty... I am so excited to share these with you guys! I'm telling ya - we are so blessed to live in such a great city with all sorts of hidden jems for photography locations! Well, like I said in my last post - Becky entered a contest for a free photography package (and out of like 215 entries! she was the lucky number!).... they knew right away they wanted something that would represent who they were as a family and I think the urban downtown look was perfect!
I love the way this first one turned out - the backdrop, the son leaning his head against dads arm (to me that shows that even though he's growing up, he still has a soft spot for his dad!), the moms expression (ok, well, pretty much all of their expressions!) and then of course the urban coloring I applied to it :) so without anymore yaking from me... enjoy your sneak peek!
and then this photo was taken about 30 seconds later.... (which is to be expected with 4 little kids right? LOL!)

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