Friday, June 26, 2009

Hodges family

Talk about a fun evening! I've known Kindra for quite some time (and she reminded me how she used to babysit for me back when I only had 1 child!) Isn't that a hoot!?
Now I have to say something here... her little 5 year old was seriously the MOST smiley guy ever! I think he giggled or laughed the entire time we were out! It was the sweetest thing ever! The camera just loved him! ok... truthfully, the camera loved them all! :)
They were up for anything and I was happy with the results of this first photo.... the other day while I was out for my morning walk thinking about this session, I was trying to think of something fun and different and thought I'd take a twist on the pose where I've had the subject holding out the piece of paper and inserting an additional pose from the session.... this was our result! I love it! looks like I might be hauling out picture frames on all of my photo shoots!

and then we got the opportunity to play with the setting sun!
and finally a 10x20 Storyboard of the kids!


  1. Gorgeous pictures and what a sweet family! I love the last one on the train tracks!

  2. supper cute pictures. You did a great job!