Saturday, July 18, 2009

Engagement Session { Boise, Idaho Portrait Photography }

I'm baaack!! Maybe no one even notice the lack of blog posts - LOL
Actually my mom was in town from the 6th through the 16th and I didn't want to be working while she was here so didn't schedule any sessions for the past couple of weeks. We had soooo much fun together and it made me realize what a wonderful example she is to and how I want to live closer to her!!
Anyway, sadly, I took her to the airport on Thursday evening and we've all missed her presence since. BUT... I knew my next session was to be tonight and so that lifted my spirits :) Trent and Ariel (I know I'm probably butchering you name - sorry!) were a blast to spend the evening with. They were recently engaged and while they were here visiting from Utah, we were able to capture their engagement photos :) They brought their Aunt and Uncle with them (heeee! sorry Jennie, I couldn't resist calling you that) and it was just a fun, relaxing (yet very muggy!) evening. So, without any more blabbing from me, here are a few of the shots from tonight - enjoy!

and CONGRATS again on the upcoming wedding!