Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Price Changes

Hi everyone! I've had several inquiries on how long my "specials" will last. I'll be very honest with you all - I won't be at the full prices listed on my website (for packages) for quite some time! HOWEVER, I will be decreasing the discounted amount every couple of months until I am eventually at the full price. I will also give notices before price increases here on the blog and try to keep everyone updated.
With that being said, I am going to be doing some price adjustments starting SEPTEMBER 1st.

I've had a hard time committing to making this (needed) price change - as I really am more inclined to want to give everything away for free! LOL but it's not fair to the photography industry nor to myself (as I have been working for less than minimum wage when you factor in the many the hours I spend personally retouching and making each of your images a portrait of art!)

So with that being shared, the new pricing will be:

Session fee will no longer be 50% off. It will be the regular price of $100.
Changes to Digital Packages will be as followed (see website for full package details under the pricing tab):

Captivated will be $400 (currently $325 and full price is $800)
Breathless will be $250 (currently $150 and full price is $600)
Smitten will be $150 (currently $100 and full price is $200)

I won't be adjusting pricing on any of the print packages at this time.

If you have already scheduled (even if your scheduled date is AFTER Sept. 1st, your pricing will not be affected - you are locked in at the pricing you booked under).
If you'd like to sneak in under the current pricing - contact me BEFORE September 1st and get your session scheduled. Any bookings on or after September 1st will be subject to the new price change. As always, if you have any questions - don't hesitate to contact me :)