Saturday, August 15, 2009

Schultz Family

I wish there were more hours in the day (or maybe that it wasn't already so late) so I could have edited a few more photos to share! I know I say it everytime that I'll be back to show off more from the session because there's so many that I love (but let's face it... how many times have I really done that? You caught me... none! So - just know that there are tons more awesome shots that I'm excited to show the family in their gallery!) The mom picked out the location for our session (and honestly, I hadn't ever even been there before!) and it turned out to provide some gorgeous backdrops! The kids each brought their favorite toy for their individual shots and I thought that was so cool! Really brought out (and showcased) each of their little personalities :)
Enjoy your Sneak Peek guys!

We got great individual shots that mom is using instead of the traditional school portraits for herself and the grandparents - which is a great idea! Where I've got my mini session offer going on, it'd be perfect to bring all the kids and get their school pics done! Much better (quality wise :) and economical too - when you think about the usual $35/child one typically spends on school pics!) See the next post down for more details!
alright, I'm off to bed now! LOL