Friday, September 4, 2009

Stauffer Family I Boise Family photographer

Meet the Stauffers! Such a mild mannered family (their kids were so well behaved!) and when they showed up wearing AWESOME footwear I got a little giddy inside! LOL... I instantly knew that we would be doing some feet shots :) Our time passed entirely too quickly but I'm excited to share a few of the shots we got! ENJOY...
Isn't their family just the sweetest!!?

and this is their newest addition, Sophie. Now, I'm sure that Sophie is the happiest and most smiley baby but.... she wasn't having any of it at our session - LOL. Dad was tickling her, waving toys in her face and I was being the biggest jester around but still nada! I'm thinking the face below was how she was feeling towards all of us "bugging" her! Heeeee!

and finally, meet the beautiful mom of this family! As we first began, she said that she needed to apologize before we even got started because she was going to ruin every photo -- hello! I beg to differ! Look at this radiant smile and eyes full of life! Dusty, get that nonsense out of your head! :)