Friday, October 9, 2009

Luke Family

I'm going to be doing this post a tad bit different and doing more of a documentary style post... ya know... gotta shake things up a bit! Now I'm not a studio shooter (as I love me some pure natural light!) but in my sessions downtown I have found this old beat up white trailer that produces a "studio look" with the right processing but with the bonus of 100% natural light! So when Jody contacted me this summer saying she'd really like to have some shots against a white backdrop... I knew just where to go! So we meet downtown and make our introductions (where upon we find out we know TONS of the same people!) and we do our faux studio shots....
after which we head up to a more softer, natural backdrop at the depot. So here we have big sis - Claire, who's a big kindergartner! She was so well mannered and I'm sure her teacher just loves having her in class!
Next up is Owen (since I have an Owen of my own... I'm a bit partial to the name!) He was such a cutie patootie and I had to resist from just gobbling him up! Before heading to the depot, I saw this blue (cough, cough - dumpster - cough) and knew it would compliment his baby blues perfectly!
and rounding out this trio is Amelia. She just turned 2 a couple of weeks ago and was very much a typical 2 year old (insert "didn't want to be in family pictures" - LOL) but we just followed her around and were able to capture the essence of TWO!
and I just had to post this one! Now one might be asking why I would show this one to which I would reply "I'm the boss of my blog and I can do what I want!" -- ok, just kidding! (and now I'm debating about erasing that last sentence as that is soooooo not me - LOL) oh well, but the truth is - as I was going through all of the photos from tonights session over 50% of all the photos of Amelia were like this - with her tongue out! LOL. So I had to wonder if this is something that she just likes to do or if she was trying to tell me something! :)
ok, now that we've met the kids, let's meet the parents. We've got Jody and David! Welcome to the blog guys :) So if you've been here before, you'll know that I absolutely LOVE when all the kids jump/tackle/hug/bombard (you get the idea) on mom. I love the natural expressions we get as in this one...
although sometimes the kids get a little too much into it and this happens....
(hold on mom! I'll rescue you!)
now I mentioned earlier how Amelia wasn't too hot on the whole "let's sit here with my beautiful family...." BUT we found out that she loved seeing herself in the camera and so she would humor us with a click or two and then come running towards me to see herself (and this pic is taken in one such instance as she's making her way to check out that her hair is all in place :)
and finally... hold your applause please - yes, we do have all children IN the photo and showing off their pearly whites! (oh wait, I just looked and only mom is showing the pearly whites, but you get the idea...)
and that is how I spent my evening. With a wondeful family capturing thier life in this moment in time :)