Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fletchers {McCall Family Photography }

You know those type of "dream homes" you (well, dream about) that are up in a small town away from the hustle of the city? Close to a lake and mountains and camping spots (or really any recreational activity you prefer)! Well, the Fletchers were gracious enough to open up their dream cabin to me and my (not so little family) this weekend. It was wonderful to (sleep in until 8:26am - thanks Johnny!) and then watch the beautiful snow drift down to earth. My boys bundled up and went "exploring" while we ventured out and captured some glorious winter shots! I wasn't sure how'd I like the snow actually falling - but I LOVE the way it adds an extra dimension to the phtos and I couldn't be happier! Enjoy your preview guys and thanks again for a wonderful getaway!

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