Friday, January 29, 2010

Sweet Emery { Boise Idaho Newborn Photography }

Weeeeeee! <-- That was my excited yell from my afternoon shoot with 5 day old little Emery! (on a side note: mom looked WAY too awesome for just delivering earlier this week!) Sometimes I wonder what these precious little ones so fresh from heaven must be thinking when we stuff them into baskets, bowls, trunks and whatever else we think looks fun! LOL but Emery tolerated it all just beautifully and even let us try different hats (and even a little skirt!) throughout our session! I just L.O.V.E. this first picture - so peaceful and content! Enjoy your preview guys and thank you for a wonderful afternoon!
and then this one is just too fun with her little pursed lips! It's almost like she's giving up a little 'tude! Uh Oh guys - you'd better watch out with this one! (you know I'm totally joking! She'll be the perfect caboose for your beautiful family!)
is this skirt (and hat) just not the sweetest thing ever!
this was a trunk they keep toys in (how classy is that for a toy box!?) and when I saw it, out came the toys and in went the babe! :)