Monday, May 17, 2010


So this family wasn't quite sure they'd make their session.... the reason: They were in the ER!! Seriously, when they arrived and dad was in a sling I couldn't believe they even came! now THAT'S dedication, right?! lol... and to top it off, he was in a great spirits (could it have had anything to do with the pain meds? heeee!) But really, this family is awesome! I've worked with them quite a bit over the past year - starting off with maternity photos (the day before she went into labor! lol) and then was back a week later for Newborn photos and then again at 6 months and now at a year! It has been awesome to see Keoni grow and develop! :)

and since I had newborn photos of this little guy, I thought it's be FUN to make a little "Then & Now" Storyboard to show how much he's changed! Awwww.. isn't he adorable :)

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