Friday, September 24, 2010

Sivaz Family

Cousins. What a blessing it is to have family in your life!! Growing up with a dad in the Army, we moved around alot. However, one constant in life was a month long family vacation to..... IDAHO (which is where both my mom and dad were from). I have such fond memories of these times - specifically time spent with my two favorite cousins - Sasha and Amber! I remember walking to the Dairy Queen for a Mr. Misty Freeze (truthfully, I'm not even sure that's the correct name of it! lol) or a peanut parfait (ok, I never went to DQ any other time so I'm not familiar with their menu or names... so these are going off of 15 year old memories!!) or playing Mario Bros in the Sasha's basement while eating "Sugar Cereal". And one memory (which should probably remain untold) was when we secretly (ok, upon more deliberation, I guess that one WILL remain untold for now!) sorry for the teaser... but to make up for it, enjoy this little preview of some of the captures we were able to get when Sasha and her GORGEOUS family came up from Burley for a session the other week.... Enjoy!!

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  1. These are really beautiful images, but all your images are, too! The one with all of them huddled together on the rock with water in the background needs to be a 30x40 canvas in their home-it's timeless! Terrific job!