Saturday, May 23, 2009


Holy cow! This kid has grown! I've known Mitch since he was 11 years old (when he loved to "participate" in on his mother and I's conversations - LOL)....but what a great (and talented) young man he has become! We had all sorts of fun gallivanting around town last night along with seeing some interesting sights (imagine "man capris" YIKES!!) Anyway - ENJOY!

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  1. Hey babe...they look GREAT!!! Wowza!!! Man Capris...hehehe, made me laugh out loud. Good thing that guy didn't bring out his man capri buddies...we would have been in trouble!!! Or maybe not....

    Pics looks FAB!!! Mitch loves them...especially the last one! We will work on a few different facial expressions before the next shoot!!! are a rock star!!! For reals!!!