Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Maddie - (a very mature) 3 year old

OK, I'm about to introduce you to one incredibly sweet little 3 year old (that I could have sworn was more like 13!) This is Maddie - and I was priveledged enough to hear all about her favorite toys (BTW - Dora is her favorite!) and about how much she loves her mom (in fact, at one point, she wrapped her arms around her mom and said "you're the best mom I ever know" - talk about sweet! Anyway, we scoured downtown and found some great places that really showcased her personality (check out the celebrity glasses she's sporting down below!) and then we decided to switch gears and head to a playground and just let her play and be a 3 year old (which, this 3 year old can do the monkey bars! no joke - LOL)... Enjoy your preview!