Thursday, June 11, 2009

My oldest boy

Where has my little boy gone to??? This is my oldest son, and he is growing up right before my eyes! He is just about taller than I am (who knows, maybe he already is!.. it's been a few days since he made me "measure" up to him - LOL) Out of the blue, he came downstairs tonight asked when I was going to do a photo shoot of him... WHAT?!? after checking my ears to make sure I heard correctly I grabbed the camera and off we went! Well, not quite that fast - actually a fellow photographer had invited me to a meet up/shoot with her and another photog at an incredibly cool backdrop (and old abandoned barn!) I was in love from the moment I saw it from the road - LOL... even if we did get booted out at the end from some demolition people - yikes!) but I was able to capture a few memories of my "little" boy at the age of 12. Don't be surprised if I share more of him - I just can't help it.. he's just so handsome!