Friday, June 12, 2009

Stradling Family

Another night filled with fun and photos! This is the Stradling family and just wait until you scroll down to see their beautiful girls!! Before we moved into Boise, we were neighbors (and Candi and I served together at church) so it was great seeing them again! (see, look what happens when one becomes a photographer... they get to spend hours creating memories with long lost friends - yippee!) I wish morning didn't come so early because I really wanted to keep on editing - there were so many awesome shots! So don't be surprise if I come back and post some more... until then I'll leave you with these to enjoy!

and last but not least is this 11x14 storyboard...


  1. How fun! Your pictures are gorgeous! And what a cute family! I love that storyboard!

  2. Beautiful Job on all of them! Such bright and fun colors!