Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gunnell Kids - 110% URBAN

Before I get on to tonight's session, I have an official announcement...
Shandy Vogt Photography is finally LIVE! Phew... I feel like I've just given birth to my 7th baby with all the work and anticipation, etc... LOL.. ok, not quite as momentous as welcoming a sweet new spirit into our home, but you get the idea. The link up above by the header will take you directly to it so you can check it out! Also, just an FYI, I wouldn't delete any emails you sent letting me know your thoughts on it - in fact... the first 2 people to email me will get a FREE SESSION + a FREE MOUNTED 11X14! (this is for new clients only and not valid with any other offer - image package fees will still apply).

Alright, enough business talk - I'm ready to share some images from tonight that I just LOVE! Seriously... I KNOW I'll be coming back to share some more from this session as I had a hard time deciding on which ones to edit first - LOL. Mom wanted some URBAN hipness and I think we nailed it perfectly!
and come on.. seriously! Petti + Chair + Alleyway = Awesome!

after our time downtown, we decided to "soften" things up and took some more traditional shots. This just goes to show you how the location you choose really sets the mood and feel of your session :) I just loved this shot as well!
I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek Gunnell's!