Saturday, August 8, 2009


Before I get to some photos of a beautiful girl I need to make a few announcements :)
1)I am in the process of shaking things up over here (and in a GOOD WAY!) I have been working on an official site to direct past/present/future clients to. I am beyond excited to share it with you all! But alas (like most things) it has taken me MUCH LONGER that I anticipated (or budgeted my time for - LOL) and mix that in with sick kids this week (the stomach bug has been going around the 4 youngest and when the twins get sick, they both just want to be held (which is nice to spend the days snuggling although it gets a bit tricky when they start fighting for the "best" position - LOL) so what I'm getting at is STAY TUNED! I'm fairly certain I will be up and running sometime over the weekend - but of course I'll pop on and alert you all to it once it is :)
With the official site being the place where all the galleries will be hosted, I have reverted this back to purely being a blog where all the sneak peeks will be posted and different promotions and news will be announced. So just take note of the new url for this here blog - and feel free to become a Fan of Shandy Vogt Photography on Facebook which will keep you up to date :)

ok, that was way more than I was planning on writing - so lets get to the FUN part of the post... the PHOTOS! I was recently contacted by a celebrity! Now, I know she is probably shaking her head reading this and saying "sheeesh.... I am not!" But our very own Mrs. Treasure Valley (aka Missy Scrivner) asked me to take some headshots of her beautiful little girl - as she is going to be competing for "Most Photogenic" at a pageant next week. WHOAH... no pressure there - LOL... I have to admit that I had visions of a girl from the TLC show "Toddlers and Tiara's" but when I finally met Kourtni she was the most down to earth All American girl! Seriously! She was just the cutest (both inside and out) and before I knew it, our session was over! Here are some of the shots we came up with (and I just have to say that in my opinion... she already HAS the title of "Most Photogenic"!). Good luck in the competition Kourtni :)

and I just have to put one of Kourtni's little sister up. She was so patient and helpful finding great locations and "helping" Kourtnie to pose. Here she is demonstrating how Kourtnie should pose next... isn't she adorable!!?