Saturday, August 1, 2009

Larsen Family

Wow! Where do I even begin?? I seriously doubt I will EVER have a session quite like the Larsens (you'll see what I mean as you scroll down!). I could tell right away that we were going to have FUN on this shoot and boy did we ever! This was a Father's Day gift to their dad (from the kids) and there was such a wonderful connection between everyone! If I didn't have my own awesome family, I'd want to be adopted into theirs - LOL. So we started off the morning with some cute family shots and such and then......

we decided to head down to the river. We got some great family shots (with pant legs rolled up standing in the river - which I'll post later :) and then I turn around and I see the adventurous younger sister wading through some logs and I think how THAT would make an awesome backdrop. The Larsen's were up for ANYTHING so they hiked up their pants even higher and made it over to this "new spot"... I see Brydon looking all cool waiting for the family to make their way over so I take advantage of the situation and take a few frames of him.
By this time the family is all set so I back up and just as I'm about to take the first pic.....I hear a loud CCRRRRAACK! and the next thing I know... the family has fallen INTO the river!! Now I had my camera set for a "family portrait" not an action shot so we've got motion blur going on with all of the commotion going on - but seeing how we can't ever recreate this I was thrilled that I had caught it (no matter how blurry it is - LOL) Be sure to check out everyone's facial expressions - they're priceless!)
The best part was that everyone just laughed and laughed and kept saying they hoped I caught it on camera - LOL.The only real casualties were the cell phones! I hope they dried out! I'm tellina ya - one incredibly cool family! We even went on to take more shots! like these...

and since I'm sure we don't want to end our little sneak peek with that calamity... Here's one of their adorable grand daughter.... Thanks again for such an awesome morning! There aren't many families like yours - you guys are truly blessed!