Saturday, September 26, 2009

Curtis Family

Ok, now this was the session that almost wasn't! Because we weren't familiar with the route that the Women's Fitness celebration was taking, both of our locations were off limits! Then, we couldn't even meet up because I kept running into closed roads and such! Finally (after serioulsy 30 extra minutes driving around) we found a common area to at least meet up.. and guess what?! It turned out to be an incredible location!! One that I serioulsy would have never ventured over to but LOVE the backdrop it gave! Also, I was excited that the Curtis family could squeeze in our session this morning (amongst all the other things going on today which includes (but not limited to - LOL) a birthday boy, a baptism (for said birthday boy), one daughter off to the Homecoming dance tonight, visiting with the other daughter only home for the weekend from BYU and a funeneral! wow! talk about a jammed pack day! So hopefully between all of their comings and goings, they can check out their little sneak peek! ENJOY!
Like I mentioned at the top, here is David... the BIRTHDAY BOY! David is a big 8 YEARS OLD and handsome as can be! Have a great day and a wonderful baptism :)