Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Freeman Family

I'm coming to the rescue! Well, probably not, but possibly bringing a needed smile to Jennie's face! I just saw on her FB status that she's not having the best day! This is the lady who is always optimistic and full of good cheer (ya know... sort of like my twin!) so I thought I'd post a few from our 2nd location shoot last week (I know you've been patiently waiting for these Jennie!!) So put whatever is ailing you on the back burner and enjoy your beautiful girlies!! Enjoy!

ok, this is probably the most requested pose - and always by the kids! (whenver the kids pipe up asking "ummm... can we do the one where we make funny faces while mom and dad are kissing? then I know they have perused my site together as a family! How fun!! and this one juts kills me! Look at the face their 2nd daugher is making (in the green shirt!) isn't that priceless?!

and although I loved this in Black and White, I thought I'd do a fun Vintage play on it - which I love just as much!!
alright Jennie, so give it up... did this somewhat help in making your day a little brighter??? :) :)