Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bernhardt Family

Finishing up the mini sessions from the day was the Bernhardts! Now typically 20 min. isn't enough time to really do a large family justice but I have to say that all of the kids were such amazing sports and we just zipped right through the park finding the most glorious color!! (and on a side note: this is the very first large family where I didn't have to do 3-4 head swaps! This is actually how it looked in the camera! You guys rock! thanks for making my job easier - LOL -- and just to clarify... I'm totally cool with doing headswaps for all of my wonderful clients! I think I was just more amazed than anything that none were needed - lol :)
hello~ can you say beauty queens!?
now I just had to post these next two! The day of our session was this little girls birthday! Hapy Birthday Lacey!! Thanks for spending a little part of your special day with me! :)
and then the last shot of the night! (and I do mean "night" - it was well after 7 and all of the light was gone, but we had to get these incredible little boot wearing girlies in a row!) Isn't that the best footwear you've seen in a long time!?
and that's all she wrote... however I am just now realizing that this sneak peek is chock full of estrogen! how'd the boys get out of being showcased??? Well, I suppose those pics will be that much more looked forward to in the gallery, right? :) Enjoy your preview guys!