Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sara and family

Last night was spent with another incredible woman and her adorable kids! I have to admit that I felt like every time I opened my mouth I was trying to say a tongue twister -- the kids names were Kris, Kyle, Kaden andKatie (truthfully, not sure if they are all spelled with a "K" or not) but by the end of the night I had called each boy everything (except their correct name! - LOL). Thankfully they were patient with me and I think that's a common occurance since none of them even blinked when I was calling them opposite names! heeeee! Alright, on to the F.U.N. -- the pictures! hip hip hooray!! Enjoy them guys!

and I just ADORE this one!!!
and there ya have it.. another session of capturing life as it happens!
(and a special Thank You! to the kids dad - Jake, who is serving over in the middle east with the military. We appreciate your service! Hopefully you are able to get a little peek at your handsome guys and beautiful little princess!)