Monday, October 19, 2009

Dacones Family

So I had the opportunity to photograph the Dacones family on Saturday. When they pulled up and this gorgeous family stepped out... I was quite giddy! lol.
Ryder wasn't too sure about everything at first so we took a few minutes to just play in the beautiful fall leaves. He gathered and scooted leaves and made a big ol' pile... and then what did he do? I asked him if he could throw the leaves at me and get them in my hair - which of course he excitedly did! These shots were cute on their own but to really get the "feel" of a little boy playing in the leaves, it just shouted for a storyboard! So, of course I obliged to that inner screaming voice :)
Isn't his smile just the best!?
and here is little sis - Olive, who is just as gorgeous as her name!
After we had a good shot of Olive, I coaxed Ryder over to her and asked him to giver her a hug (now me having 6 kids should have known better than this... for we got a little "smothering" of the baby - LOL).... so then we had him just "hold" and not "hug" for the second shot... much better, huh? :) Although, I do have to say that there's something so cute and innocent with Ryder giving her his "hug" -- I just love it!
and this shot just made me feel happy and carefree! We were just walking to our next location and this is what came about - yay! :)
and there you have it... another session of capturing life as it happens!