Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gonzalez Family

Where do I begin.... well, I suppose we can start with some introductions. Meet the Gonzalez family! I knew we were in for some big time fun when they hauled 2 bags of "goodies" out of the car with them! (Seriously, it's thrilling for me to see clients come with their own "props" to make the session more personable!). The Gonzales' are big into reading so we did a few fun shots incorporating some of their favorite books! Isn't that too fun!?

Now whenever we change locations within a shoot, I always take a test shot (or 2) to make sure I've got my camera on the optimal settings. During this time, I always tell the family "hey, don't worry about me, I need to just to a quick test shot to makes sure things are looking great before we get going...." and i have to say that it's always interesting for me to come home and see those "test" shots - it's where the family is really letting loose and not worrying about looking picture perfect... I mean, come on... you can't script a shot like this next one!
and then once we're ready to roll....

and this little guy was too adorable! He loves Batman and Spiderman (what 4 year old doesn't, right? lol) and when he put this hat on, he was all about showing me the "moves" of Batman!

Alright, now I couldn't post this next one without a little commentary. So, we were going after the fun effect with mom and dad as the main focus and kids "doing their thing" in the background. So I'm getting mom and dad set up and tell the kids "Hey, head on over by that yellow arrow on the ground" and then don't really think about it again. We're taking some shots when I realize that I haven't seen any motion from that general "arrow" area. So we put the camera down and see all 5 kids standing so very still and when we ask what they're doing they all replied "well, you said to go to the arrow." -- now that's what I call obedient children! LOL
and then what the kids gave us after they realized they had some free artistic reign...
and there you have it... another fun session capturing life as it happens!