Friday, October 30, 2009

Rigby Family

oh Mother Nature, why couldn't you cooperate with us this morning? The weathermen all said that you would and just provide clouds this morning... but you had to surprise us with your hindering moisture and dark, threatening clouds! Well, I say phooey to you! Despite the cold and rain (thankfully the wind was absent!) we got some awesome pictures of the Rigby family! Truthfully, they could have been in a downpour and still looked beautiful! Seriously! All the kids and mom and dad were just so fun and our spirits weren't dampened one bit!
We started off our session at the park - as they wanted to capture things that their family did together (love it!) so we met and played for a bit. It was our plan then to go back to their house, get snuggled up in some PJ's and capture their family relaxing and being together on the master bed :) However... this time Mother Nature did get the best of us and didn't want to give us any of her glorious light.... SOOoooo... I'm heading back tomorrow to finish up that section of our shoot (which, can I just say how excited I am for those!) Alright, enough of the chit chat... here's some of the Rigby's at the park... enjoy!

and how cute is this!? I LOVE the way their clothes all mesh and blend together beautifully! Not to mention how sweet and cute all the kids are! Look at those sweet little faces :)

we took towels and had to wipe down everything before climbing/playing on it... I see we missed the bottom rail on this next one - just goes to show how wet it all was!
and there ya have it... another session of capturing life as it happens.