Saturday, October 31, 2009

Skyler - Senior Pics

Skyler has kept a busy schedule since before school even started - but we managed to get in his Senior pictures today! I loved how he laughed all the time and he seemed quite comfortable in front of the camera :) As with any guy, to really bring out his charm - we brought along a secret weapon... his girlfriend! (don't worry, you'll meet her very soon :) and with her in tow, keeping things in check, off we went on this adventure we call Senior Pictures! Enjoy your preview guys! :)

this next one is when Skyler is a starving musician trying to make a living with his musical skills... lol
and as promised, here's the lovely Kenzi! She had no intention on being in the photos so this is her pure natural beauty! It was fun hearing all about how and when they met -- you guys are too cute!