Thursday, November 5, 2009


Don't you just hate it when you experience technical difficulties? Well, that's been me with my computers card reader.... how anxious I was to get home and check out the pictures from Sam and Robins session and wouldn't ya know it... no way of getting them off the camera! Oh , you can bet I gave myself a little sneak peek on the LCD screen - but that wasn't really cuttin' it! LOL - Anyway, I finally got it resolved after midnight so this is really going to be a SNEAK PEEK in the true sense of the word!
But before we get to the pictures, just have to say how much F.U.N. I had with Sam and Robin! We've been friends with these guys for quite sometime and when Robin mentioned that it had been 11 years (yes people, that was ELEVEN years) since their last portraits - YIKEEEES! I have to say that I felt quite honored that they chose ME to come out of thier boycot of photos :)
Alright, so I'm off to catch some shut eye but enjoy your preview guys....