Saturday, October 10, 2009

the Sorensons

I'm so honored that the Sorensons liked my style of work enough to travel up here from Twin Falls! :) My personality might have been a tad bit chipper for Stan (I realized this when he asked "Are you always this bubbly? If so.. we might have a problem"... talk about intimadation! Eeeeks!) but upon meeting this fantastic family I quickly realized it was all in jest (or at least partly - LOL!) and we had a blast roaming the streets of downtown Boise! With such a cool family, I knew the processing had to be 110% urban to match their style! Enjoy your preview guys and hope you had a safe drive home!

One of my faaaaavorites from the session!
and here we have Ms. Kennedy! The first thing I noticed about her was her gorgeous eyes! She was so fun and found the greatest backdrops to strike a pose in front of!
This has got to be the sweeeeeeeetest smile from any 9 year old!! Yes, you read that correctly... this little beauty is only 9!
and the little dude - Easton. He was teething like any other 5 month old but was just full of smiles (especially for daddy!) Again, he's got the killer eyes - it definitely runs in the family!