Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mourant Family

Everything about this session went so smooth and wonderful! 2 ultra sweet kids, 1 loving dad plus incredible lighting, and I knew we were in for a win-win session!! We strolled, we played, we explored and here's some of what we left with :)

I just adore this next photo! Do you want to know what I love most? I love how the wind was blowing and Maggie's hair is all tussled and blowing onto her face! Just something about capturing that exact moment, I guess. Regardless, I love it! lol
and then I just love this one too!! You have such a cute, cute family Rod!
and there ya have it, another session of capturing life as it happens! Enjoy!

(and a HUGE thank you to the Crofts for the use of their gorgeous property!)