Wednesday, February 17, 2010

StudioV launched!

My big announcement -- We have opened a separate studio to cater to High School Seniors here in the Treasure Valley! The name you ask? Appropriately named StudioV (of which the V stands for Vogt). I only put that last part in (since I thought it was quite obvious what the "V" stood for) but a while back when I was deciding on a name for my Senior line of Photography I had the following conversation with my best friend:

Me: Hey I think I've finally come up with a name for my Senior photography line.

BF: Oh, I can't wait to hear it, what is it!?

Me: StudioV

BF: ...... (silent) what is the "V" for?

Me: are you serious? It's for my name - Vogt!

BF: ooooh, I get it!

Then we both had a good giggle over it. So, if any others out there are wondering where I came up with the V - you now have your answer :)

I've got lots of great new (and exciting!) things lined up for StudioV. The first being a Senior Model Search which is underway right now! Be sure to check out the new and the StudioV blog for more info.