Monday, June 21, 2010

Mather Family

You know when you're watching TV and an Oil of Olay or Dove Soap commercial comes on and they show women with gorgeous skin using their products? Well, in my opinion, Katie needs to be on one of those! I'm serious! and let me tell you why...When I'm editing, I get real up close and personal with your skin (like think zoomed in up to 300%) and even at that much magnification Katie's skin was flawless!! Lucky, Lucky girl! and what a lucky guy Mike is to be able to wake up to such beauty day in and day out! Speaking of luck.... I feel I'm the lucky one here too - Katie is my little Nathan's preschool teacher and she has been a wonderful influence on him this past year! Thank you Katie for all of your hard work with him (and the others!) this year! We're the lucky ones to have you teach our kids!

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  1. Shandy, you are one of my new favorite sources of inspiration. I only wished you lived in Colorado. My friend Amy Caulkins introduced me to your work, love it! Amazing. Keep it up.