Monday, June 7, 2010

Nic and Elaine

The weather was so unpredictable that I didn't know if we'd be able to keep our (rescheduled) Saturday night session with Nic and Elaine - thankfully it didn't rain and we were able to spend the evening having fun and capturing the love between these two! Nic and Elaine are hoping to build their family through adoption and wanted some updated photos to share on their site. Feel free to check them out as I'm sure they'd love the support as they head down this blessed path :)
They sang songs together in the grass, rode bikes along the road, had a wrestling match and ended with none other than an ice cream fight! Enjoy your preview guys!
Elaine is also a huge BSU fan (Yay!) and so after a bit they decided to show their true colors. I couldn't help but put these next few side by side to give you the full impact. So Nic was just sitting there and Elaine thought it'd be fun to tackle him... as you can see, Nic isn't budging (but you KNOW he's resisting with all his strength all the while keeping a nonchalant look on his face! lol) as you can see from the 3rd image - Nic had her down with one swoop!

and finally, the ice cream duel...
So before our session, Elaine had told me how years ago they had gotten into an ice cream fight where she totally got came out worse than Nic. She was ready for REVENGE soooo.. Operation Ice Cream Revenge was underway. I brought some ice cream bars and at the end our session, I had told Nic and Elaine that I had a little reward since they had done so good and hoped they liked ice cream (Elaine played along so well! lol) Sadly, she made the mistake of saying the words "Let's feed each other the ice cream" - which put Nic on high alert and the fight was on! It only lasted seconds and again... Elaine was not victorious. Maybe next time girl!

and there ya have it... another session capturing life as it happens!

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