Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ward - Goss Wedding

How did you spend last Friday evening (Oct. 1st)? As for me, I had the pleasure of seeing Doug and Cody unite themselves in marriage -- and what a beautiful affair it was!! So many wonderful words were shared about these two! Seriously, I left with such a bog ol' smile on my face from witnessing 2 people so devoted to each other! We met at the Crane Creek Country Club where we did all of the "formal" portion of the photography and then headed over to Saint Mary's Catholic Church for the ceremony. Then back to Crane Creek it was for the reception! :) A big Thank You to Fabiana Beatriz Photography for being my 2nd shooter for the evening! Enjoy a small glimpse of this gorgeous wedding!!

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  1. Shandy, these are really, really beautiful images. You sure captured their wedding in way that they can relive it through your photography. Great job!