Monday, April 19, 2010

Atkins Family

Saturday. One of the first days that it has truly felt like Spring :) In fact I've had to turn the AC on to keep my house from heating up towards 80 degrees! Anyway, I got the privilege of enjoying the early evening downtown with the Atkins family! Their little guy was such a sweetie and had these beautiful blue eyes (just like his mama!) that would melt you! It was so endearing to watch the three of them together - the love for Caleb just oozed out of mom and dad and you just knew that he was their world! Thanks guys for the fun time and enjoy your preview!!

and there ya have it - another session capturing life as it happens....


  1. Oh! I just love them! He has one of the cutest grins.... It was completely my pleasure being on that shoot! Thank you to all! What a beautiful and loving family!!!

  2. Beautiful -- I love the one of him crawling.