Saturday, April 24, 2010

Shiner Family [ Boise Idaho Family Photographer ]

These kids had me cracking up. Seriously! Plus I could have taken the daughter home after she told me I deserved a raise since I was so much fun! Isn't that a hoot!? Of course I had to reply that after chasing her and her adorable little brother around for an hour, I thought a raise sounded like a lovely idea - LOL! Actually, it was quite the pleasure to spend the evening with this family - including grandma and grandpa who had come into town for the baptism of their grandson :) Enjoy your preview guys and hope your day is extra special!!

just in case you thought this family was mild mannered, I thought I'd share some of their real personality! Dad said this is face that he fell in love with many years ago! lol

and yes, we also endured some wrestling/tickling matches! Looks like the kids are victorious on this round...
and there ya have it... another session capturing life as it happens!


  1. These are just beautiful! I love the posing and your location. #8 is hilarious...what a cool mom!

  2. Fabulous images! This beautiful family looks like so much fun!