Monday, April 26, 2010

Ehresman Family [ Boise ID Photographer ]

I'm excited to share this next preview with all of you for a couple of reasons:
1) They were so sweet with each other! You could just tell the tight bond they all had (and especially how the youngest daughter just adored her older brother and sister!)
2) L.O.V.E. how they dressed. This is a prime example of coordinating but not being "matchy matchy". Mom picked out a basic color palette of teal, black and white. As you can see, everyone is wearing that combination in some fashion. They look very cohesive which keeps the photo visually balanced and pleasing :) Also, really love how they've all got lots of layers - this add lots of depth and interest to a photo (as well as the coordinating jewelry for mom and daughter!) Great job Michelle!
3) I just think the pictures turned out awesome! lol
Enjoy your preview guys and Thanks again for trusting me with your memories!

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  1. What a beautiful family! And, I agree, they are dressed perfectly! Great images!