Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits!

So I recently decided that each Tuesday will now be called "Tuesday's Tidbits" over here on the Shandy Vogt Photography blog! I debated and thought of several other "titles" but felt this one fit best and left it open to encompass a whole variety of things! Sooooo, without further explanation, let's get on with the first ever Tuesday's Tidbits!

1. After 13 years of diaper changing... I am now FREE!!! The twins just officially mastered using the potty! (now watch - I probably just jinxed myself and they'll revert :( I would cry. seriously. ) Oh, and just to clarify -- No, the twins are not 13 (I'm sure no one misunderstood, but felt I should state that - LOL), my oldest is and ever since 1996 when he was born, we have been on diaper duty with his subsequent 5 siblings.

2. 3 weeks ago my grandma passed away. I was named after her and one of my girls also has her name (we all have the middle name of Fae). She was a remarkable woman and was very sucessful. My grandpa passed away 30 years ago and she never remarried - she would always say that she had the best and didn't need to get remarried. She went and got her college degree and published a book!

3. While my family was here for the funeral, we did some photoshoots. Below are two of my favorites of my mom and dad! Aren't they the cutest!? I hope I age like them... it's in the genes, right?? They have also been such a wonderful example of marriage and love to me. They can't stand being away from each other (even after 40 years!) and they are still madly in love!
4. My exclusive High School Senior company - StudioV has taken off and is a blast! Just wanted to show one of the images from a night session we recently did! (on a side note: there's just 9 days left until the deadline of when I'm accepting StudioV Senior Models for the 2011 class. Feel free to pass on that info to anyone you think might be interested - there's are tons of perks including free images, cash rewards and an iPod Touch up for grabs!)
5. My favorite season is Fall. I love the change that comes into the air after a hot summer and the excitement from the holidays that will soon be there. I also LOVE the smells of fall! Everything is just so "homey" and comforting, ya know :)

6. I've decided to turn on the "comments" section so I can get feedback and hear your thoughts! So don't be shy - feel free to leave a message (on any of the blog postings!) as I L.O.V.E. to get them! :) who doesn't?

So there are a few tidbits about me - stay tuned for next Tuesday (which I'm already excited about - LOL)

Also, this year I have decided to take just a limited number of sessions each month (roughly 4-5) to ensure that I can still be a mom and wife :) With that being said, April is completely booked and only 1 spot is left in May. So, if you're thinking about a Spring (or even Summer session) now is the time to get it scheduled! Can't wait to hear from you! :)


  1. For reals...your folks are TOO TOO cute!!! Great pics! And your sis in law, wozers girl. Your bro is one lucky boy! And holy smokes do you look alike! Good looking kid too!!!

    Love you babe!!! As always...LOVE LOVE LOVE your pics!!! You are one very talented lady!!!

  2. Love the night shot; that's cool! I love the Depot; had my senior pictures taken there.

    And now I want to know what your grandma wrote a book about.