Monday, April 12, 2010

Twins!! [ Boise, ID Newborn Photographer ]

Twins. Twice the work? Yes. Twice the mischief? Yes. Twice (as much) getting up in the night? Yes. BUT... remember also: Twice the Smiles. Twice the laughter and Twice the love! I've been anticipating the birth of these little girls since (well, I guess pretty much since their mom announced she was expecting them!). Brent (the daddy) and my dh have been close friends for 15 years now and so we've been able to share in the joy and excitement of these little beauties!
While I was downloading these pictures from our session, I was scrolling through them (and my loving hubs says) "Oh, I'm so jealous of Brent and Karla" and so I looked at him and asked why (thinking he'd say something how their little girls are fresh from heaven or so small and sweet, etc..) but he replied "Because they got YOU as a photographer for their twins!" Gotta say - he definitely scored big points for that one! LOL (and on a side note: I'd have to agree with John in that I'm also a wee bit jealous that I don't have cute newborn pics of my twins like this!)
Enjoy your peek guys and I think Amber and Brooklyn are just the cutest ever!
They were born the day after Easter, so we thought it'd be fun to have them snuggle in with the Easter Bunny!
Now these next 2 shots are specifically for their dad! He is a major BSU fan so thought these would be fun! Who says you can't do fun football theme with little girls?? :)
Congratulations guys!!
ps: remember I've turned the comments section back on so feel free so share how cute these little girlies are!


  1. Shandy, they are AWESOME! Can't wait to show them to Brent when he gets home.

  2. Oh my gosh i love those pictures. i've got to know where the mom got the hats in the first picture.

  3. The pictures of the twins are beautiful!!!! You do an amazing job!!!

  4. Hey Nicole! :)
    Actually I got those hats from an Etsy seller a few months back... let me see if I can find which one - LOL

    and thanks Marlo and Karla (and I'm glad you like them!)

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! You rocked these! Thanks so much for letting me tag along!!!!!! The girls look sooooooooooooooooo darling!! MUAH!

  6. those are super duper cute pix of my newest cousins!!!! love the bsu themed ones

  7. OH MY GOODNESS!! Those are the cutest pictures ever :) way to go brent and karla!!

    (sorry brents my uncle)

  8. WOW. These are incredible. I wish I knew you when my twins were born. Maybe next time.... ;-)

  9. Omigosh these MELT MY HEART! Go Karla! ;) And Shandy! ;)