Saturday, July 10, 2010

The S Family

First of all - talk about good kids and a great family! Seriously, everything went smooth as butter! Earlier this year we were in desperate need for a good quality contractor and Aaron came to our rescue!! He did outstanding work and I've been referring him to everyone ever since! He put up 2 new walls (both with french doors) and had it done within a week! He was so clean and courteous and paid a lot of attention to the details! So if you're in the market and need an honest and awesome builder/contractor - Aaron's your guy! Just let me know if you need his number and I'll hook you up! Their oldest boy (ok, their only boy!) is heading off to college next month and they really wanted to get a family shot in before he left - and tonight was the night! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I'm excited to share a little preview with all of you! Enjoy....
so I have to interrupt the pleasing visuals for just a moment at this point - because I have to do another introduction. Meet Cyle... oops, I mean Kyle ;) He's the nephew and was staying with them tonight and tagged along to our session. He stepped up and acted as my assistant - carried my gear and navigated where we should go. He also wanted in the photos (and who could blame him!? We were all having such a fun time that he wanted to join in!) So Kyle - these next 2 are for you (and thanks for helping us out tonight!)

and then finally, I wanted to end on this one. The youngest daughter had some ideas of her own of what we should try - and having all of the girls with their cute little toesies was one of them (we kindly excluded the menfolk on this one!) What a great bunch of tootsies - wouldn't you agree!?!
and there you have it -- another session capturing life as it happens!

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